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Venice is for Lovers

Posted: Feb 13 2017

Love is in the air. We spent the day with the beautiful Dana Arnold and Nicholas Coolridge of Modern Tarzan doing acro yoga, talking about healthy vegetarian meals, and what they love about being together. Get to know these beautiful souls.

How did you two meet?

Tarzan: We first met momentarily at the beach where I was training with friends. Then saw each other again not too long afterward at Expo West. Dana had wanted to try acro. I got to teach her some moves and then... We never stopped hanging out after that.

When you met, you both were living in vans. What were your favorite memories of your van life together?

Dana: One of my favorite memories was making a pie on the camper van stove top and setting up a full size keyboard inside the van, playing piano and laughing as people walked by. Staying up until the sunrise and then doing more acro, of course. 

You are both vegetarians (match made in heaven!). What are some of your favorite meals to cook together?

Tarzan: We LOVE food! It's actually pretty ridiculous some of the beautiful meals we put together from scratch. Everything from smoothies, egg burritos, veggies, twice baked sweet potatoes, curries, mushroom tacos, all the way to baked breads in our BBQ because we don't currently have an oven!  Some of my favorite things that Dana makes are her special tonics with ingredients most have never heard of.


Acro is such a beautiful form of exercise, and also of communication. What have you learned about communication since practicing acro together? 

Tarzan: The main thing I've learned is that we're very good at communicating with eachother which has led us into such an easy and wonderful relationship. We have tension that builds between us but its resolved almost immediately and we're back to lovin' on each other.

Dana: Being gentle is key. I've learned to question what I'm doing wrong before I blame Tarzan. Also, I love the spontaneity it brings to our relationship. Running errands is an adventure. We always try random poses, play and have fun anywhere. 

Favorite pose to practice together?

Dana: We do this thing called, "drunk acro." We don't actually drink so we're not drunk, but we pretend we are and do an acro flow, which most of the time we find new poses and transitions, but most importantly, we laugh. A lot. 

Tarzan: There's this one move we really enjoy called spooning, it's the best!


You both call Venice beach your home (us too)! What are some of your favorite parts about living in Venice?

Tarzan: Venice has been the only part of LA that I have actually enjoyed living. Besides the beach being an essential part of our lifestyle, there's less hustle energy, no high risers, and a lot more people out and about that you meet doing awesome things.

Dana: I love the people that live here! Some of the coolest humans from all over the world at an arms reach. And obviously, the beach, the weather, and the vibes.

Nicholas, what is your favorite thing about Dana?

Dana has a hard time displaying anything but her best and I love that about her. I'm continually blown away at how focused and determined she gets while getting something done especially whens it's a more adventurous activity like ATVing, rock climbing, paragliding, and yet she's still a little flower with a delicate beautiful feminine side. I find this combo is incredibly attractive!

Dana, what is your favorite thing about Nicholas?

My favorite thing about Tarzan is his never ending positive attitude and his cuddles that make me forget about everything else. Also, he can literally fix ANYTHING. It's incredible.



Next travel destination?

We have so many travel plans and adventures coming up this year its quite ridiculous and sometimes overwhelming in the best of ways! Mexico for Valentine's day. In March, we're going to the Dominican Republic where we will be hosting a 7 days Acro Yoga retreat! We're planning a big road trip in the van to drive up to Montreal circling back to LA driving over 7,000 miles! Finland, Greece, and Turkey in the Summer and Burning Man again, which Dana is most excited about :) 

What are your goals for the next year to come?

So many goals in the making! Besides manifesting teaching more acro together, we plan on living outside of the U.S. for and extended amount of time. Where? TBD : )


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Spotlight: Love Yoga

Posted: Jan 22 2017


When you are able to turn what you love into your career, it's a truly incredible feeling. Love Yoga is the epicenter for all things yoga, meditation, and kick-ass vibes, and how can it not be with owners Sian Gordon and Kyle Miller at the helm of this amazing yoga studio we're lucky to have in our neighborhood. 

Adorned with bright turquoise floors, geometric artwork, crystals, and healing energy, Love Yoga is our favotre go-to studio with yin, vinyasa-flows, guided meditations, and prenatal classes. We spent the day with founders Sian and Kyle in Venice beach for some sunset yoga, Acai bowls, and good vibes only. 




Our slogan is #timetolive, which to us means taking each moment and making your dreams come true. How do you embody this in your daily life?

S: Kyle and I both do what we want to do every day - teach, practice, hang out with our dogs.

What are 3 things you can't live without?

Kyle: My dog, fresh smoothies + juices, and the beach.
Sian: Fresh mint, the ocean, lots of books.

What song/songs do you have on replay right now?

K: Ruby by Ali Farka Toure
S: I'm Young by Erin Tobey

Sunsets or sunrises and why?

K: Sunsets. I like sleeping in.
S: Sunrises because we see them so rarely.

Drink of choice (kombucha accepted : )

K: Arnold Palmer
S: Black tea with milk

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

K: I have a retreat to Mallorca, Spain coming up - its been a dream of mine for a while.
S: If traveling were free I would never be home. I want to go everywhere, especially Africa.

What's your favorite mantra of the moment?

K: You are at ease. I am at ease.

S: Always reminding myself - be here now.

Favorite pose and why?

K: Plow, because it takes all the pressure off of my low back and helps me heal.
S: Wheel, I like to stand on my hands - its like the opposite of sitting in a chair.

What's the best concert you've ever been to?

K: Drake vs Lil Wayne
S: 14 year old, Jane's Addiction, on acid.

If you weren't in your current profession, what would be your dream job?

K: Oh geez, I guess I'd be another kind of teacher.
S: Travel writer.

Surf or skate?

K: Tan on the beach.
S: Surf, surf, surf.

And finally, what are three things you are grateful for today?

K: That I get to practice yoga, for my partner Sean, and always for my dog.
S: I live in California! I get to surf every day! I teach yoga for a living!

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Hailey Baldwin: Looking Flawlessly Relaxed in Our Time to Live Hat

Posted: Jan 15 2016


Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin in black hat from Electric & Rose

Hailey Baldwin invokes a bit of Venice while wearing our Time to Live hat in black while strolling the streets of Beverly Hills with pal Kendall Jenner.


Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Wearing Black Hat

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

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Posted: Nov 11 2015

A few months ago Ron Robinson left us a voicemail, “Hey kids, call me back. I have something very special to talk to you about!” If you had given us a thousand guesses we never would have been able to guess what he had in mind. Ron explained that Barbie was getting a makeover inspired by Andy Warhol. Short hair, glasses, leather jacket and all. We thought it sounded pretty cool but couldn’t quite figure out what it had to do with us? Ron said this was all very top secret so we couldn’t talk about it to anyone. On a side note, it’s always fun to be a part of super secret operation. We learned that Ron was going to curate a collection of limited edition goods as part of this collaboration and wanted Electric & Rose to make the Andy Warhol / Barbie leggings! This was so cool and such an honor that out of all the incredible designers Ron has worked with over the years he chose us! We got right to work with Ron and the creative team at Mattel. 

Printed Yoga Leggings - Andy Warhol Barbie Print


Here we are months later and we can finally share what we’ve been working on. Along with Chaser, Lysa Nalin, Noir Jewelry, and Lisa Pearl who created other companion pieces to the collection, these leggings are the limited edition collaboration between Mattel's Barbie, The Andy Warhol Foundation, Ron Robinson, and Electric & Rose. 

The collection becomes available December 1, with pre-orders beginning online November 15. The items will be sold at both Ron Robinson stores in Los Angeles on Melrose Avenue and the newest one in Santa Monica.

A few words from Ron Robinson: 

“It’s right up my fashion alley because it’s Pop Art,” Robinson said. “It’s American. It’s unique and cool and hip….The idea was, how do we make this for, not only the Barbie collector, but for the hip, cool person who just wants something really unique?”



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Posted: Aug 10 2015

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for Yoga Saturday at Ron Robinson Santa Monica last weekend. Cailey Emilia taught a great class, and we are so grateful to our sponsors, Coco Bakes & Pressed Juicery. We are getting ready to launch our Fall / Winter 15 collection! Can't wait to show you guys. Xo Erin & Eric




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Electric & Rose x Line Magazine

Posted: Jul 22 2015

We loved creating the editorial below with Sarah and Martina, the creators of Line Magazine. It is always incredibly rewarding working and collaborating with women in different industries, coming together to support each other's visions. Caley Alyssa, our dear friend and yoga teacher modeled for our shoot. She has been so supportive from the very beginning and we are so grateful. Take a peak below for a Q&A with our designer, Erin Chiamulon. Plus, news on our first exclusive ever for 


Exclusive turquoise Sunset leggings for (shop here)
What motivated the birth of your brand?

My love for travel, yoga, and fashion. My fiancé (boyfriend at the time also said he wouldn’t marry me if I didn’t surf), so I learned. So, add surf in there.

How would you describe the Electric & Rose woman?

The Electric & Rose woman is an adventurer and full of life. She loves to travel, do yoga in new places, and meet new people from different parts of the world. She’s conscience and believes in supporting brands with good people behind them. She’s a little edgier than most. She’s motivated and believes in doing something she loves.

How do you go about designing each collection per season? Where do you draw inspiration?

I draw inspiration from so many things. Our best selling legging has a chevron shape at the ankles that was inspired by a beautiful hand dyed Japanese blanket I saw on Pinterest. The dye process is amazing because each legging is hand dyed and one of a kind. I love these details.

I am also lucky enough to be surrounded by creative friends. I’m really excited to be collaborating with surfer and photographer Mike Coots who we met on Instagram. We’re using one of his photographs for something really special for Spring / Summer 16.

Tell us about your Spring '15 collection. Which pieces are you most attached to and why?

I really love our firework print that sold out in less than 2 weeks. We’re very excited to say that we are re-cutting this style for Summer. My friend Tao Ruspoli let me use one of his photographs that I had seen and thought would make a magical print. Sometimes you turn out to be right.

What can we look forward to from your fall line?

I’m very excited about what our men’s collection has to offer for Fall. We created a boardpant which guys are going crazy for. They are SPF protective, look and feel amazing on, and the 4-way stretch is perfect for yoga to everyday.

Where do you hope to see your brand five years from now?

We hope to see our brand as a symbol of a lifestyle.

Where can we shop Electric & Rose?

Equinox, Yoga Works, Y Yoga, Ron Robinson, Evolve Fitwear, Rebel Yoga, and many incredible boutiques in the US. I’m also really excited that we’ve grown and are available in the UK, Japan, China, The Netherlands, and Australia.

Any exciting news or upcoming collabs you can tell us about?

Yes, actually. We just did our first collab ever with SWELL.COM. We made them our first yoga mat and our Sunset legging and Paloma bralette in this amazing turquoise color. Available at SWELL.COM only!

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Charlize Theron 'Reality Is Wrong, Dreams Are For Real' - Tupac

Posted: Jul 15 2015


One of the most exciting things to see as Electric & Rose grows is customers, friends, and artist's wearing our designs. Charlize isn't only one of our favorite actresses, but she is also an influential and truly amazing activist. We couldn't admire her more. Plus, we love that she goes to yoga with her Mom and makes Electric & Rose look so fabulous. Xo Erin & Eric 




 Sunset Leggings $84.00


Time to Live Hat $33.00

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AXIS - N.Y.C. 02/22 - 02/24

Posted: Feb 21 2015

4am wake up call.

LAX ---> JFK


Setting up. Having so much fun. Dinner with friends. Wine. Music. Sweet dreams. 

We're so excited to meet some amazing new people and stores @ AXIS the next few days! Come visit us at the show (Booth D23/Pier 94). Erin & Eric 

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C A P S U L E // L A S V E G A S // 2015

Posted: Feb 21 2015


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Posted: Jan 30 2015


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Posted: Jul 15 2014

Thank you so much to ILAN DEI for giving us the opportunity to have a rad popup shop on Abbot Kinney this past week! Tomorrow (Sunday 12/14) is the last day to go see our Holiday 2014 collection at our popup. They have some of our favorites for guys and of course the ladies, so make sure to go take a peek. 


Xo Erin & Eric


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