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Venice is for Lovers

Posted on February 13 2017

Venice is for Lovers

Love is in the air. We spent the day with the beautiful Dana Arnold and Nicholas Coolridge of Modern Tarzan doing acro yoga, talking about healthy vegetarian meals, and what they love about being together. Get to know these beautiful souls.

How did you two meet?

Tarzan: We first met momentarily at the beach where I was training with friends. Then saw each other again not too long afterward at Expo West. Dana had wanted to try acro. I got to teach her some moves and then... We never stopped hanging out after that.

When you met, you both were living in vans. What were your favorite memories of your van life together?

Dana: One of my favorite memories was making a pie on the camper van stove top and setting up a full size keyboard inside the van, playing piano and laughing as people walked by. Staying up until the sunrise and then doing more acro, of course. 

You are both vegetarians (match made in heaven!). What are some of your favorite meals to cook together?

Tarzan: We LOVE food! It's actually pretty ridiculous some of the beautiful meals we put together from scratch. Everything from smoothies, egg burritos, veggies, twice baked sweet potatoes, curries, mushroom tacos, all the way to baked breads in our BBQ because we don't currently have an oven!  Some of my favorite things that Dana makes are her special tonics with ingredients most have never heard of.


Acro is such a beautiful form of exercise, and also of communication. What have you learned about communication since practicing acro together? 

Tarzan: The main thing I've learned is that we're very good at communicating with eachother which has led us into such an easy and wonderful relationship. We have tension that builds between us but its resolved almost immediately and we're back to lovin' on each other.

Dana: Being gentle is key. I've learned to question what I'm doing wrong before I blame Tarzan. Also, I love the spontaneity it brings to our relationship. Running errands is an adventure. We always try random poses, play and have fun anywhere. 

Favorite pose to practice together?

Dana: We do this thing called, "drunk acro." We don't actually drink so we're not drunk, but we pretend we are and do an acro flow, which most of the time we find new poses and transitions, but most importantly, we laugh. A lot. 

Tarzan: There's this one move we really enjoy called spooning, it's the best!


You both call Venice beach your home (us too)! What are some of your favorite parts about living in Venice?

Tarzan: Venice has been the only part of LA that I have actually enjoyed living. Besides the beach being an essential part of our lifestyle, there's less hustle energy, no high risers, and a lot more people out and about that you meet doing awesome things.

Dana: I love the people that live here! Some of the coolest humans from all over the world at an arms reach. And obviously, the beach, the weather, and the vibes.

Nicholas, what is your favorite thing about Dana?

Dana has a hard time displaying anything but her best and I love that about her. I'm continually blown away at how focused and determined she gets while getting something done especially whens it's a more adventurous activity like ATVing, rock climbing, paragliding, and yet she's still a little flower with a delicate beautiful feminine side. I find this combo is incredibly attractive!

Dana, what is your favorite thing about Nicholas?

My favorite thing about Tarzan is his never ending positive attitude and his cuddles that make me forget about everything else. Also, he can literally fix ANYTHING. It's incredible.



Next travel destination?

We have so many travel plans and adventures coming up this year its quite ridiculous and sometimes overwhelming in the best of ways! Mexico for Valentine's day. In March, we're going to the Dominican Republic where we will be hosting a 7 days Acro Yoga retreat! We're planning a big road trip in the van to drive up to Montreal circling back to LA driving over 7,000 miles! Finland, Greece, and Turkey in the Summer and Burning Man again, which Dana is most excited about :) 

What are your goals for the next year to come?

So many goals in the making! Besides manifesting teaching more acro together, we plan on living outside of the U.S. for and extended amount of time. Where? TBD : )





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