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Meet Our Quarantine Crush, Laura!

She's also our Summer 2020 muse. The theme of our collection is daydream. We’re imagining the feeling you get when Summer arrives and the outdoors become your playground and gym. Days are longer, nights are warmer, and the ombré sunsets offer you a show of brilliant colors and a fiery kiss to the sky. Now more than ever is a time to daydream! Laura was such a dream to work with - her infectious smile, positive attitude and love for the world made our campaign shoot truly one to remember. Let's get to know Laura a little more and see how she's been handling 2020's craziness!

What has been your favorite quarantine activity?

I’ve been loving game nights with my boyfriend! We play cards or Monopoly Deal or other board games. I also love my daily hikes and yoga flows!

Favorite quarantine meal?

We’ve been eating a lot of homemade pizza, take away sushi, salmon and veggie stir fry. I don’t think I can pick a favorite though, I love it all!

How are you staying active during this time?

I’ve been hiking everyday and doing at home workouts in my “gym” area and lots of yoga! We also just bought a boxing bag so that’s a fun new work out toy!

How are you practicing self-care at home?

I’m definitely doing a lot of skincare which is nice, and also being intentional about meditating every day and trying to keep a positive attitude!

Favorite quarantine music?

I really like to listen to chill-step because it helps me feel both relaxed and ready to be productive at the same time!

We love you, Laura!

You own a small business! What can you tell us about your brand?

My brand is @shoplauraelizabeth on Instagram and I hand-make luxury swimwear. I make each and every suit one by one with my own hands to insure the best quality, design and ethical creation of products. I’ve been sewing since I was a very little girl and I’ve always been passionate about the ocean and everything that goes along with it. I started making swimwear for myself when I because I found it tricky to find cute suits that were comfortable for laying out as well as for surfing in the waves. Friends started asking me to make some for them, and then friends of friends and so on. Now I get to make swimsuits for girls and women all over the world to enjoy! The proceeds help me to sponsor children through various churches and Compassion International to help break the cycle of poverty. With this pandemic happening, one of my friends moms suggested that I start making masks, so I did! Now I am selling reusable face masks on and donating some of the proceeds to help get PPE to front line workers.