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Explore Downtown LA With Ash, Certified Yoga Instructor at Equinox in Culver City.

Hi Ash! We're so inspired by our collaboration with you, and thank you for showing us your favorite places in your city!
But first, let's learn a little bit about you. How long have you been practicing yoga? 

My yoga journey began in 2016, after I was forced to find healthier ways to manage anger and stress. I felt overwhelmed trying to manage my corporate business career, continuing education, relationships and my overall wellbeing. My lack of control over my emotions led me to try yoga and meditation and I have wanted to share the holistic benefits with others ever since.

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What inspires you to stay connected, how do you drop into your practice? 

I am inspired by my mental and physical health to stay connected to my practice so I can offer the best version of myself.  Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed by anger, anxiety or stress I can take time out to find stillness on my yoga mat.

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What do you love about living in LA? 

I love living in LA because it is a diverse city filled with so many different types of cultures and endless opportunities.  I feel spoiled by the sunshine, beach and mountains. The energy in LA is fast paced and constantly moving, but I am always welcome to use yoga and meditation as my way to slow down and reconnect. 

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How do you explore your neighborhood? Tell us your fav spots.

 I love biking around Santa Monica and Venice. I can easily find a local park or beach to get in an outdoor workout or find a quiet place with a view of the ocean to relax. I love walking around the city and discovering local coffee shops or neighborhood bars like The Brixton or Hinanos!

What's coming up? What are you excited to share?

I am a certified yoga instructor who offers private one-on-one yoga sessions and private group classes for team or corporate events. I have taught large group classes for Uber, SpaceX and Red Bull employees. I am a certified personal trainer at Equinox in Culver City. I believe every individual has their own unique yoga and fitness journey. I am determined to create personalized programs that guide individuals to own their worth and take back control over their specific needs and outcomes.