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The founder of Blau California, Fee Steinvorth, has always run, but has never run a marathon. Nearly six months ago, the mother of three found the motivation and the “why” to train for the New York City Marathon taking place on November 6, 2022. When first meeting Fee, one is drawn in by her warm energy, groundedness, and loving nature. So, it’s no surprise that Fee is running as part of Team Every Mother Counts (EMC). When asked about her decision to run the NYC Marathon, Fee’s response was simple, “because I can.” From her perspective, she’s running for every woman, mother, mother-to-be, and she added “for me, for you, for the future of all human beings.” Circling back around to Every Mother Counts, whose mission is to ensure that maternal health is protected globally, and Fee felt compelled to become a part of Team EMC. As part of the team, she’s not only training to ultimately run the 26.2 miles in November but raising funds for the organization as well. Fee stands firmly in the belief that “giving birth in a safe and clean space should be a human right.”

One might think that the biggest positive change in marathon training would be the physical metamorphosis, but for Fee it’s been the spiritual shift. The constant schedule of runs, and the increasing distances have taken a commitment that’s led her back to her center. The mind-body connection in running long distances is paramount to going the distance. The mind will quit long before the body. Fee has found that “believing I am capable, and staying in devotion and gratitude towards my body for carrying me all the miles” is what has helped her overcome her personal challenges as she moves towards her goal on November 6.

Fee’s spiritual practice, her meditations, and her reverence for her physical form are the things that make her marathon training more of a zen-like journey. Running in a group setting, one feeds off of the energy of those around them. The runners that will be in Fee’s aura will surely feel her presence, because for Fee she’s most looking forward to “the connection and being part of a bigger picture” on her marathon day. For Fee, her running of countless miles, “has almost been like a spiritual rebirth.”

You can help support Fee in her journey to raise money for Team EMC, and all of the amazing
work that’s done by Every Mother Counts, by clicking the link below. Also, if you’re feeling like
you would want to discover your own “inner runner,” Team EMC is a part of scheduled runs
that happen all around the country.

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