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Strolling down Abbot Kinney, or a local westside farmer’s market, you may cross paths with a gorgeous, statuesque brunette with an otherworldly presence. She may be dressed in cute boots and a sweatshirt, and she may have a duet of adorable children in tow, and if you’re lucky, she may just be Harmanjot.

Harmanjot has been practicing Kundalini Yoga for the past 14 years, and as one of the founding teachers at the RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology, she was often seen as a pillar of support to Gurujagat and the institute. Since the passing of her mentor, Gurujagat, Harmanjot has been forging her own path in the world of Kundalini Yoga, one that is the celebration of womanhood.

“According to yogic scripture, the female subtle body and operating system is wired to circuit 282 orgasms a day,” Harmanjot said, matter of factly, as we began the meditation portion of our Time to Chill Launch event at Den Mother. Did that get your attention? It sure got ours, and for the next hour, we were hanging on her every word as she guided us through a meditation that was filled with circulating our energy, opening our chakras, relaxing into deep meditation, and celebrating what it is to be a woman and womanhood.

You can find Harmanjot’s insightful teachings on her website, and on Patreon. She offers courses in compassionate motherhood, Infinity Ma, and Smooch & The Realm of the 10th Gate. She’s a very modern yogi, she loves a colorful E&R sweat set and lets her long brunette locks flow freely. At the same time Harmanjot has a foot anchored in both worlds, and Patreon describes it best as she is part of “the delightful material world, and the infinite space of totality itself.”

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Sometimes as a woman, it’s uncomfortable to acknowledge the power that we wield, and Harmanjot makes the conversation about a woman’s sexual energy feel so normal…it’s liberating! As she explains, “as a woman you are a complete and whole being, you don’t need anyone or anything to complete you.” “Your cells can vibrate in a way that affects reality and the environment in a way that is perpetually satisfying to you.” Perpetual pleasure, radiance, and a celebration of all of existence…yes please!!!

Follow Harmajot on social media for more of her empowering messages, and links to her courses and programs.