Posted: Nov 11 2015

A few months ago Ron Robinson left us a voicemail, “Hey kids, call me back. I have something very special to talk to you about!” If you had given us a thousand guesses we never would have been able to guess what he had in mind. Ron explained that Barbie was getting a makeover inspired by Andy Warhol. Short hair, glasses, leather jacket and all. We thought it sounded pretty cool but couldn’t quite figure out what it had to do with us? Ron said this was all very top secret so we couldn’t talk about it to anyone. On a side note, it’s always fun to be a part of super secret operation. We learned that Ron was going to curate a collection of limited edition goods as part of this collaboration and wanted Electric & Rose to make the Andy Warhol / Barbie leggings! This was so cool and such an honor that out of all the incredible designers Ron has worked with over the years he chose us! We got right to work with Ron and the creative team at Mattel. 

Printed Yoga Leggings - Andy Warhol Barbie Print


Here we are months later and we can finally share what we’ve been working on. Along with Chaser, Lysa Nalin, Noir Jewelry, and Lisa Pearl who created other companion pieces to the collection, these leggings are the limited edition collaboration between Mattel's Barbie, The Andy Warhol Foundation, Ron Robinson, and Electric & Rose. 

The collection becomes available December 1, with pre-orders beginning online November 15. The items will be sold at both Ron Robinson stores in Los Angeles on Melrose Avenue and the newest one in Santa Monica.

A few words from Ron Robinson: 

“It’s right up my fashion alley because it’s Pop Art,” Robinson said. “It’s American. It’s unique and cool and hip….The idea was, how do we make this for, not only the Barbie collector, but for the hip, cool person who just wants something really unique?”



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